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My step sister disappeared yesterday. She left my house, in the wind and snow (she has never driven in the snow) at 12:30 to pick up her paycheck. Now, round trip this should have taken her, oh, about 15 minutes.

She didn't return until 8:30 pm.

Worried sick, I called work and epxlained that I couldn't come in until I found her. Worried sick, I had already phoned everyone I could think of, including the town police, highway patrol, local hospital, her co-workers, her boyfriend...everyone.

No one had seen her.

Her excuse? She "went shopping at WalMart."

For 7 hours?!??!

When she came in the house, unscathed, I felt a rush of relief and thankfulness for her safe return.

Then, all that worry and anxiety over her little stunt quickly turned to anger and rage at her inconsideration.

To sum it all up, she basically told me to do something I'm sure is anatomically impossible and threw my house key at me.

Now, I merely mentioned, after giving her the 3rd degree, that she could have taken 2 minutes out of that 7 hours to call and let someone know where she was. She knew I was worried when she left because I said, "Please be careful. Driving in this weather is all new to you and I don't want anything to happen to you!"

I don't know where things will go now. She mentioned going back to Dublin, this shit-hole town about 25 minutes southeast of here. Dublin is a drug ridden, trash infested ghetto. Apparently she prefers that to abiding by a curfew and living with me....

If she goes back to Dublin, it's only a matter of time before she undoes all the work she has done lately. I can see it now...she will be on drugs, quit her job because she's too lazy to make the commute or because it's cutting into her "partying," quitting school....basically signing her death warrant.

I'm fearful of starting another conversation with may do more harm or push her farther away. But she has to know there are boundaries. She has to know there are rules. And she has to know that being 18 means nothing unless she's responsible. Otherwise, she's just another self-proclaimed know-it-all teenager...

06:18 - 24 January 2003


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